About us


Maj (Retd) M Jangra

” A mind full of ideas can make a better style statement than a closet full of expensive and designer stuff”

Hello there, I am an Ex-Cent Govt Employee and presently a Fashion and lifestyle blogger @themajorstyles.com.

Past Experiences: Ex-Central Government Employee (2011-2019) Style Icon Pune- 1st Runner-up (2018) Awarded with Nari Shashakti Sammaan Award (2016) Miss Khoobsurat- 1st runner-up (2015) Nineteen Showstopper @nineteen.com-Winner (2013)

Welcome to themajorstyles.com, a fashion and lifestyle blog

Thank you so much for sharing your interest in our blog. We are super excited to share our work with you and we hope you will enjoy it as much we enjoy creating it.

Giving you a brief breakdown about the site. Following are the various categories to represent our creativeness and curated styles:



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