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This post is a little different one nut this is the need of the present time. Without any delay lets get started.

To maintain hand hygiene rubbing your hands with an alcohol based formulation is a good choice. But it is of no use if not done properly or effectively. As all of us know, Hands are the major pathways for the transmission of organisms. Using hand rub has become very common and popular way of cleaning/sanitizing the hands these days especially if we consider the current situation. But, don’t skip hand washing if hands are visibly soiled. Following are the three ways to get clean hands with hand rub. 

  1. To take ADEQUATE QUANTITY is very important. Not too much or not too less…just adequate enough to cover visible supine and prone areas of hands.In simple terms, when you apply the hand rub, hands back and forth area should be covered completely. I have seen  people either they take very little quantity which barely covers any area or they take too much of the solution, which is actually a wastage of the resource. Thus the quantity taken should be adequate which should  include all the visible areas of the hands (front and the backside).  Special attention to be given to all the folds. Don’t forget to wait till hands get completely dry.
  2. To carry your own POCKET SANITISER is a better option in act the best option if you are travelling. So if you think your hands are soiled (not visibly) you can  simply take it out from your pocket or bag and use it anytime anywhere. And in case you have to share your hand rub with somebody else. Transfer the required amount onto their hands directly rather than passing the whole pack and same can be done if you want somebody to share it with you. This way contact through transferring an object(sanitiser pack) can be prevented.
  3. Hand sanitiser formulations are generally alcohol based, which can lead to dry , very dry hands. So don’t forget to MOISTURISE your hands. As dry skin tends to attract more germs.
Hand Sanitising Step by Step 

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