The Multicultural Blogger and Influencer‘s feed spotlights her love for food and fashion. Dubai Blogger and certified Tarot reader, Esha Hans was born and brought up in Odisha, India and is now a Business Development Manager in Dubai.

Themajorstyles finds out more.

Tell us more about you…

“I am a Punjabi girl, born and brought up in Odisha, India, currently in Dubai past 5 years.I am a Business Development Manager in a Cyber Security Firm, and also I am persuading my passion as a Blogger (Instagram @esha.hans). I am also a certified Tarot Reader, since 2006 I am practicing Tarot Reading.I am a humble, friendly and down to earth person, I love making new friends and visiting new places.”

What does FASHION mean to you?

Fashion or Styling to me is something which defines your personality, I love experimenting a lot with Fashion or Styling. I love changing my hair color, or making my hair go straight or curled depending on the mood. I am a shopaholic, I love shopping for dresses and shoes. For each of my review I make sure I have the proper dress and shoes as per the ambience. I also love accessorising my outfits, I love Chains, Neckpieces and Ear rings, it adds the extra charm to my outfit.”

Online vs Offline Shopping

“I will go for Offline Shopping as I should be comfortable in what I wear and it’s easy to try it on first before buying. Online shopping is always a mystery, some outfits looks good on the model, it’s not necessary it will look good on u, coz all have different body types and skin colour.”

Which Fashion trends are you sticking to these days? Which Style or Dress is your Personal Favourite? What is your opinion on saree? Any piece (saree) you are proud of?

I love dresses, it compliments my personality and makes me look confident. My personal favourite is my Red Dress, which makes me look Beautiful, Confident and Royal at the same time. There is no clothes as elegant and pretty as a Saree. It is unique and fits every body type and skin color. It makes a women look Attractive and Gorgeous. I love my red and gold drape saree, it makes me look so feminine and full of grace.”

Who are your biggest influences?

“My biggest influencer I would say is Priyanka Chopra, I like her styling and her bold statement. I also love Jeffree Star for being so confident, rudely honest, being a boss lady and out of the world make up tutorial.”

Handy advice on Fashion/Makeup?

“Always keep make up to the minimum. No one is a fan of paint or powder. Natural or minimal make up is the best, fashionable and trendy.

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