Hey guys, today’s post is a Guest Post. So let us see, who is there today to inspire us in our daily lives as far as Styling is concerned, from her Extraordinary Livings and Fashion Statements. Let’s welcome ANSHUL MALHOTRA, a Lifestyle Blogger and a YouTuber, catch up with her @ “PEOPLE EXTRAORDINAIRE #GUESTWEET” session.

“Fashion is a way to externalise your Personality and allows you to mould into how you want the world to see you”, says Anshul. She is born and brought up in Delhi, moved to Sydney, Australia 5 years ago after she got married. But married life and moving abroad never stopped her from achieving something which she always desired to. She recently started her Youtube Channel which is basically a Lifestyle Channel. Anshul loves to spend time with her Family and cherish the moment spent relaxing in her back yard. She is a Fashion Lover, she likes to update her with new trends but only after doing an intense research about the trend.

Themajorstyles finds out more.

What does FASHION mean to you?

Fashion is constantly evolving, while style lasts forever. For me in which my body/mind feels comfortable and confident is fashion. Anshul always prefer minimalist works best for her. “I always prefer well fitted clothes as it gives a sharp and a clean look”, she adds.

Online vs Offline Shopping

“So I prefer online shopping any day but my tip is always read details like Fabric, Handling Instructions, Size guide, Return policies before you place an order. Online shopping gives you flexibility to shop at your pace and time also you can avail good discounts”, Anshul says. 

Which Fashion trends are you sticking to these days?

Her personal favourite dress is LBD (Little Black Dress). She considers, it’s very essential to have a well fitted LBD in your wardrobe, you can style it according to the mood just by adding different statement pieces. 

 Which Style or Dress is your Personal Favourite? What is your opinion on saree? Any piece (saree) you are proud of?

 “I really love indian clothes, especially saree but living outside of India I hardly get many occasions to wear them but I love wearing sharara suits, cotton kurtis. I have one red Banarasi saree which i am really proud of. Its Red colour and the banarasi print depicts the indian bride and I love draping that saree”, she shares.

Who are your biggest influences?

“My biggest influence will always be my mom. She was a working mother and I have always seen her  smartly dressed up. Wearing pencil heels to work and as a kid i used to get very fascinated when she use to walk so confidently in those pointed pencil heel sandals. She passed away 9 years ago but she will always be my Fashion diva.”

Handy advice on Fashion/Makeup?

“One advice from me will be fashion has no right or wrong. Fashion or style should be something which highlights a strong personality of your side so it should reflect when you see yourself in Mirror. Always pick pieces & accessories which give depth to your whole character.Your whole look should fall seamlessly.”

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