#S11. Saree X Kurta

Hello, welcome you all to today’s post. Saree is an attire which gives possibility to be different on every occasion , it has it all. This is a nine-yard piece which gives possibility to a weaver to come up with any type of fabric, to an artist with any design/print/art work and to an individual with any type of drape style/way. Taking this possibility ahead, this time I choose a Kurta, A brocade one. Brocade is a fail-proof fabric, which is a must have. Now for this style, choose the Kurta carefully, as kurta would obviously steal the show. Take a contrast saree. Lets start the draping, make anywhere between 4-6 Pleats depending on the material and secure it. Bring the Pallu(loose end of saree) towards right side over the shoulder, Ready, Set & Glow. Finish the look by adding a Choker or Rani necklace. Hope you like the look.

Have a lovely day ahead!

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