Hey guys, today’s post is little different. Its just not about my styling but we have created a space where we’ll have people who inspire us in our daily lives from their extraordinary livings and fashion statements. We all have our own type of taste when it comes to styling and we choose our inspiration accordingly. This inspiration could be anything or anyone. We have come up with a new section “PEOPLE EXTRAORDINAIRE #GUESTWEET”, which will be an interactive session. We will get to explore fashion from our Guest’s perspective. By the way, this Guest could be anyone, if you would like to be a part of this session, do contact us or write to us. For now lets meet our Very First Guest for this session.

The moment one steps out of his or her comfort zone is when things begin to change for the good. Stylist and Fashion Influencer (@nsnsneha87) Neha Sharma began her Instagram journey as a newly married girl and graduated further after becoming a mother. Her interest for fashion and Do-overs goes right back to her childhood. Neha also became the CEO of a fashion firm with her cousins as assistants. “I never thought that after taking a huge break in between ( while graduating to become a lawyer), I will return back to my favourite childhood game ( fashion-fashion over ghar-ghar) and make it a part of my lifestyle”, says Neha. “The most pleasant facet of this is that my daughter who is only three years old, inspires me more”, she adds.

THEMAJORSTYLES caught up with the Fashion Enthusiast to know about her, her perception of fashion and more…..

What does FASHION mean to you?

Fashion means something which shows my identity who I am. My fashion sense should give a glimpse of my personality.  Its how, I want everyone to look at me, kind of my feeling which is chic, classy and of course different and best from others according to me. 

Online vs Offline Shopping

I prefer both. I love to shop online as I can buy a wide variety and latest fashion trends. My favorite sites are Ajio and Alaya by Stage. 

Which Fashion trends are you sticking to these days?

My favourite style or dress is the one which is classy ,chic and comfortable at the same time. These days my favourites are jeans and turtle neck sweater with knee high boots.  I also love to go with a cute little dress with stockings……. and you are done. 

Who’s your style icon?

My favourite style icons are Hailey Bieber and Kylie Jenner. Also I am a big fan of Drew Barrymore and Scarlett Johansson.

A quick styling tip for our readers….

Fashion tip :
When in doubt wear black always.
Makeup tip :
Light Kajal ,Mascara ,Highlighter and Nude Lips looks amazing and great on every skin tone.

Last thing just love your body, your flaws and wear what makes you comfortable… you will look great.  

Thank you guys. I hope you liked this session.
Lots of love


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