When it comes to current fashion trends, we all love them…. in terms of versatility, balance, elegance and comfort.

While this year’s Festive Season is expected to be celebrated with lots of restrictions, but the good part is that your style doesn’t have to be. So for this festive season, I am relying on little vibrant, chic and relevant look. This Blue Dual Shade Embroidered Lehanga set is creating a perfect grace for such occasions. I went for a matching Blue Turtle Neck Pullover. ” Necklace over High/ Turtle Neck outfit” are in trend and if its a choker, it creates an illusion of longer neck. This is a very versatile shade, would go perfectly for day time occasion and for evening time occasions as well.

Did you like the idea of using a “Warm Pullover” over a “Standard Matching Top”?

Though the year 2020 has been quite difficult for most of us. Now as we are about to enter into New Year 2021, I wish you and your family a very happy, prosperous and healthy NEW YEAR.

I cant wait to head into 2021 and take another trip around the sun together! Sending you all so much love!


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