Heya Guys, I am so glad and super excited to tell you all that I am going to do a collaboration with ‘JAIPURI SAMAAN BY MANISHA PANDEY'(@jaipurisamman.com) soon. And an important announcement, we are together going to come up with a ‘New Year giveaway’. So don’t forget to follow and join themajorstyles.com as well as jaipurisamaan.com, so that you don’t miss this amazing opportunity . And yes, do not forget to explore jaipurisamman.com for amazing range of extremely classy and elegant products (Perfect for gifting purpose during this festive season).

I feel so blessed to have you all as my support system. The reviews and comments, I get from you all are just overwhelming. Its always so exciting to share a new post with you all. Final post really look easy but trust me there’s a lot goes behind the scene (planning, choosing an attire, styling, makeup, photography, location, editing,content writing and publishing and the list goes on and on). But I am not complaining. In fact I enjoy this whole process. And this is all paid off, when I see u all, as my internet family (which is already growing and glowing with me).

Ethnics and Semi Ethnics are in vogue and when it comes to a saree, its a love for many of us. Coming from service background, its a part of my lifestyle. So lets see what we have for today.

APPAREL: For this look, I wore a saree and dropped it in a most common and traditional way with little twist. I left the ‘Pallu’ loose towards right right side and then made the pleats, proceeding towards left. (Product Details: iThis beautiful handloom saree is from jaipurisamaan.com and the blazer is from Nineteen)

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