How to style a Boyfriend Jacket, Part-2

As mentioned in previous post (How to style a Boyfriend Jacket, Part-1), I am back with one more way to style a Boyfriend Jacket. Most of us think that a boyfriend jacket/shirt is too baggy or too frumpy or too grunge to carry and may not suit all the body sizes. This is one of the concern I’ve witnessed by many of my friends too. So guys, trust me its not at all like that. In fact according to your own personal style statement, you can mix ‘n’ match and contrast the look accordingly and yes, dont forget to be confident about your look to brighten it up more. Regarding this post, this look is a very casual, comfortable yet stylish chic look. Sooooo, for this look, clothing I selected a boyfriend T-shirt, a short ( any short would do, I like sports one more and find it more comfortable) and of course a Boyfriend denim shirt/jacket. For footwear I pared the look with Slip-on Sports Shoes. Any other sports shoe with lace would look equally good. And the most favourite accessory I went for is this cap. Last but not least a pair of uneven earnings which includes one hoop and one stud, gave an edge to the look. Thats all for today. Have a nice day! Love yaaa x

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