How to style a Boyfriend Jacket, Part-1

Hello Loves! How are you? I hope you all are doing good. I keep thinking about the Year 2020, half of the year is already gone and the next half , we don’t know whether its going to be like this as its already going, or we are going to find some solution to the pandemic situation we are going through right now. One day, I came across one of the message on social media ( you must have also read it somewhere) that we are under lockdown but lets unlock our minds, our creativity, our potentials etc. That is when started shooting(Indoors) and blogging. Well guys what I want to say is keep yourself healthy and safe. Do follow all the safety measures and protocols while travelling or visiting someone. Most importantly, have a proper diet, practice good hygiene and yes, Stay Stylish.

Coming back to the post, I love experimenting with the looks and yes comfort is one of my top priority. Well, for this look, I grabbed my brother’s denim jacket( I know I know …now you must be thinking why boyfriend jacket then? 🙂 Well, that is inspired by boyfriends jeans/T-shirt). Basically any oversized jacket would do. I chose denim one with multiple patch work, which looks great, goes with any color, type and texture of dress. Blue color adds calmness plus cool tone to an outfit. I chose a white shade maxi dress with blue print. This one is a contrast dress with the blue denim jacket, i tried with other color dress too( will showcase in next post) and trust me it came out equally beautiful. To keep it more chic typee I added silver stone choker with silver contrast hills. Coming to makeup part, a pinkish tone makeup with lil silver touch to eyes, is creating a perfect contrast. Hair Style, I kept it messy ( perfect for day time looks). I hope you like the look. Have a nice week ahead.


5 thoughts on “How to style a Boyfriend Jacket, Part-1

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